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You can build on the unique qualities of solid timber!

The special processing into multi-layered solid timber elements unites the natural advantages of timber as a material with sophisticated technical know-how.

Solid timber elements are perfectly suited for indoors and outdoors, and they are available in different types of wood and surface qualities. For visible surfaces, you can choose or combine the wood types spruce, larch, Swiss pine, fir or pine. Individual finishing of the wood surfaces is possible, for instance by treating the planed, sanded or brushed surfaces with glazes, paints or oils.

The dry and fast solid timber construction method is free from foils, can be used immediately, and balances temperature and moisture differences both in winter and in summer. A comfortable living climate with a healthy interior atmosphere all year round, from cellar to roof!

The universally deployable and individually designable timber elements can be combined ideally with many other materials.

The regular energy demand of a building made of solid timber can be calculated very precisely. Variants with and without additional thermal insulation can be realised.

In addition to excellent thermal insulation properties, solid timber elements also offer ideal sound- and fireproofing properties. The technical parameters and strength characteristics are defined by the European technical authorisation and CE labelling, among others.

Contribution to the topic fire safety of 12.12.2017: “Risk factor polystyrene – how safe are insulated buildings?”

Solid timber construction and its diversity of uses:

  • from detached houses to multi-storey apartment buildings
  • hotels and holiday villages
  • hospitals, retirement homes and care facilities
  • office, commercial and industrial buildings
  • kindergartens and schools
  • covered car parks & halls
  • small structures such as carport, garden shed …
  • and much more…