We offer comprehensive consultancy in the planning and implementation of production plants for solid timber elements. Worldwide.

With intensive research in the area of solid timber construction systems, SANTNER already laid the foundation for the first fully automated cross-laminated timber production line for smooth, jointless and thus high-quality solid timber elements of standard format in the year 1998.

All special machinery and equipment was developed, tested and put into practice autonomously. For instance the first general tapered finger joints for cross-laminated timber (CLT) elements. The result was a fully automated, PC-controlled production line complete with integrated transport logistics, from the raw material to the finished cross-laminated timber element.

In parallel to continued further development of the product itself, the production line was also adapted to meet the continuously higher quality requirements and constantly increasing demand. Today the plant is one of the most modern and efficient CLT production plants worldwide and under binderholz it produces more than 100,000 m³ of CLT elements per year.

As a result of regular material investigations and practical tests, HOLZplus also has years of experience in the production, technology, design, distribution and marketing of solid timber elements: Our know-how is your benefit!