We bank on the natural product wood!

Ecologically and economically – but above all from our experience – we have great confidence in the unique and unrivalled product properties of solid timber – especially in the residential sector. We exploit the advantages of solid timber construction deliberately.

In addition to the known structural benefits, solid timber construction also meets all the demands of modern construction, and its naturalness is a guarantee for comfortable living.

THERMOline : Solid timber construction WITHOUT additional thermal insulation

THERMOline impresses with warm wood surfaces that ensure a comfortable and healthy room climate with their moisture-regulating effect.

Due to the excellent heat storage capacity of the solid timber elements, this design protects from overheating in summer and insulates in winter. THERMOline thus ensures a manageable energy demand and is considered to be fireproof.

The screening effect against electromagnetic smog and radiation that is harmful to health has been confirmed by geobiological appraisals.

Solid timber construction, especially with THERMOline, is a natural alternative to conventional construction methods that is focussed on the essential and has a promising future, and it is:

  • dry and fast
  • comfortable and a room climate regulator
  • diffusion-open and free from foils
  • individually designable
  • immediately usable
  • solid and dimensionally stable
  • uncomplicated in its structure
  • resistant, long-lived and of stable value
  • self-sustaining
  • fireproof
  • quakeproof
  • energy-saving in daily use
  • energy-saving in its production
  • sustainable and environmentally friendly

More information about THERMOline:

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